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With severe cuts to academic budgets, the arts funding is among the first cut. 

HOPE recongizes the impact and need for students to be exposed to high quality art, 

and that art's academic integration improves student development.


HOPE brings art exposure and educational programs to aid in students' growth.

The Outreach Programs include performance art, interactive sessions and hands-on workshops.


Five schools jumped at the chance to participate in HOPE's arts-in-education first outreach programs and now after 3 years of serving the Pensacola area,

these schools have continued to enjoy the benefits of

Harnessing the Opportunity and Power of Education, Inc. 

Contact us to register your school today!

Participating Schools

"I am always trying to think outside of the box to provide for my students, to give them something they could never imagine and to help them develop and grow. These programs do just that. We are honored to be participants."

- Celestine Lewis

Jaqueline Harris Preparatory Academy


A charter school in West Pensacola led by Celestine Lewis & Patricia Dixon. The educators and staff are commited to excellence in the classroom and with each student's personal development.

JHPA enrolls 231 students grades K-5. For more on JHPA, click here.

I just think this is a great program to bring arts into education through these hands-on workshops, especially at no cost to our school. ... Over 40% of our students would never be able to experience live performance art like this.

- Dan Balsavich

Vice Principal S.S. Dixon Primary School, Santa Rosa County


S.S. Dixon Primary School is located in Pace, Florida in the Santa Rosa County School District.  

275 Second Graders will attend the outreach programs. 

Learn more about S.S. Dixon Primary here.

We applied for a grant to improve cultural opportunities for our students and when we did not receive it, my heart sank. But now, here you are offering us the chance to particpate in this cultural program. We believe this will be a great program for our girls.

- Laurie Rodgers

PACE Center for Girls - Escambia County


PACE Center for Girls is an alternative learning facility assisting over 2,000 girls throughout their history.  The school serves young women coming from high risk situations that need strong guidance in their lives.

The PACE Center accepts and enrolls girls in need of academic, social services and transition services.

Learn more about the PACE center here.

Our students love the arts! We even offer dance! Our students communicate through art and are constantly taking on new and different projects that foster their artistic development, and in turn, their academics too.

- Dr. Donna Curry

Director, Dixon School for the Arts

Dixon School of the Arts: another leading charter school in West Pensacola where the arts are of the utmost importance in their educational approach. With an enrollment of approximately 80, this K-8 school relies on state-based student scholarships.

The Dixon scholars develop mentally, physically and emotionally through an arts-driven curriculum as a way to deepen their learning experiences, aligning with Director Dr. Donna Curry's vision.

Learn more about the Dixon School here.

Educating Children with Autism

East Hill Academy is dedicated to students with learning disorders that make it impractical to place them in a regular school setting. It is our purpose to develop these children’s educational and social abilities while improving their self-esteem. Our goal is to help our students reach their maximum potential. Learn more about East Hill Academy here


East Hill Academy & HOPE believe Children are #1



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