No amount is great or small; everything counts.  A donation is also tax deductable.  Investing in our children and the cultural fabric of the community is our hope for continued growth and prosperity.


Major donors will be recognized on the website, social media and printed programs.


Sponsorships are essential to our  future and programs.


Leaders within the community that co-sponsor outreach programs with HOPE are greatly appreciated and are recognized in programs and online according to your generous support.


Sponsor 1 or 1000 students to attend outreach programs designed to harness opportunity and power of education.


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2017 Friends of H.O.P.E.



Don & Rhonda Wehrenberg

Mike McVay

Dr & Mrs. Thomas Rollins

Tani Godfrey

Tanya & Mark Barrett

Dr. & Mrs. Jeff Buchalter

Tanya & Doug Yentzen

Dr. Humam Humeda &

Dr. Joumana Sarkache

John Davidson

Beach Bum BB

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Inaugural Friends of H.O.P.E.



Don & Rhonda Wehrenberg

Nina Fritz

Deborah Dunlap

Jerry & Lesley Bridgen

Amy & Jeff Miller

Dr & Mrs. Thomas Rollins

Celestine Lewis

Robert Beasley

Corporate Sponsors