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Harnessing Opportunity and Power of Education, Inc. is a nonprofit charity recognized as tax-exempt by the IRS under Section 501(c)(3)

Our mission to close the gap in education by working with and through other non-profits, institutions, charter, private, and public schools by providing motivational and inspirational outreach programs to students. Exposing children to significant cultural events and outreach programs, while focusing on the hearts and will of the children more than the GPA or IQ. Serving ALL children, especially the disadvantaged, underserved, or disabled.

Founder Lila F. Davidson had a vision of how to work together with leaders, other organizations, and all the local citizens, by harnessing opportunity and power of education for students, combined with providing cultural events for the community at large.  By partnering with other organizations and working collaboratively, we can fill the gap in education.  Supporting Arts in Education for students and appreciation of the arts by the community are interdependent. 


This foundation grew out of an idea to help people of impoverished areas worldwide with education and community development as a means to become self-sufficient. The organization believes by meeting the needs of our children at home, we are developing leaders with hearts to serve. Harnessing Opportunity and Power of Education and believing in our students, is our HOPE of the future.


HOPE has become an implementation of helping those in need and further equipping them with experiential education.  Inspiring the desire and will to learn is as important as the content of education and is necessary to continue growth, development, self-confidence, and a sense of importance and belonging in their community.


With your support of one child, these programs will benefit 1,000's of students every year.

Knowledge is power.  

Share it.

Wisdom is more precious than silver and gold.  

Seek it.

 Harnessing Opportunity and Power of Education is HOPE! 

Give it.

Do you believe it is possible that the arts has the power to heal the divide in our culture?  We have witnessed the magic,

and we have HOPE. 

Photo above by LymanDVM Photography.

Please submit your email address below if you would like to be a part of something that is making a lasting impact on the lives of students. Help them create forever memories of why they loved to learn and chose to stay in school.


Motivating Young Hearts

You can put a child in a classroom or in front of a computer but you can't make them learn.  Motivation and inspiration to learn and want to stay in school is our mission and their hope.

We work in conjunction with other non-profits and schools to provide social and cultural events to students as part of their curriculum.

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