Foundation Programs & Goals

Carpenter Creek Education Center


Year 3 marks a new year and a new direction for educational programs and sponsorships.  Combining the need to support all efforts to clean up our water ways, streams, rivers that ultimately end up in the Gulf of Mexico, HOPE is partnering with Emerald Coastkeepers to provide another Extension of H.O.P.E.

With the clean up efforts making an amazing comeback for Carpenter Creek, we are planning to build an Educational Outreach Center, for the purpose of inspiring our children to be a part of protecting our resources, and understanding the importance of individual responsibility.

2018 H.O.P.E. Ambassadors

This program is for IVY League bound High School students that wish to improve their chances to enter the school of their choice by Harnessing Opportunity and Power of Education. H.O.P.E. Ambassadors will not only earn volunteer credits but be set apart from the rest by making a measurable difference in the lives of students less fortunate than themselves.

Outreach in Arts Programs

In March 2016 we sponsored five area schools and 800 students, transporting 

them to The REX Theatre for a Performance and hands-on education workshops.​


We have continued to sponsor students from these participating schools to attend performance ballets by working with Pensacola Youth Ballet.

  1. Dec 2016 The Nutcracker by PYB

  2. Sept 2017 "An Evening of Dance" underwritten by Beach Bum BB.

  3. Dec 2017The Nutcracker by PYB

H.O.P.E. Worldwide

This foundation grew out of an idea to help people of impoverished areas worldwide with education and community development as a means to become self sufficient. The organization believes by meeting the needs of our children at home, we are developing leaders with hearts to serve. Harnessing Opportunity and Power of Education and believing in our students, is our HOPE of the future.

Students of H.O.P.E. 

1st Annual graduation party included 17 graduating students from Jacqueline Harris Academy.  These 5th grade graduates will head off to five different area Jr. High Schools. HOPE encouraged them to stay in touch and support each other and let them know we will do the same.

Every year we will add more; by the time these students graduate, we will have hundreds of Students with HOPE in every High School in Escambia County.

Our Students of HOPE program is a 3-6 year process for developing students with hearts to serve, into young adults that want to change the world by focusing on all things good and beautiful and building meanful relationships that last.

Would you like to sponsor a Student of  HOPE?

Military Appreciation Program​s

HOPE recognizes the strong military presence in the Pensacola area and will always include, support and honor them in planning every event. 


HOPE honors the service of these great Americans in the Pensacola area with a Military Appreciation performances and discounted tickets for active duty or retired military and their families.

Would you like to help?  Have questions?  Just ask!