We will build on the success of our inaugural programs with your support. All schools that participated want to see HOPE grow and continue to support Arts in Education and more.


To continue to offer a variety of cultural events as an extention of the student outreach programs, we need the support of the entire community.


Performances and event tickets, and entry to win another free vacation  are included with every membership. Please join us today so we can begin planning for tomorrow.


Contributors of monetary and in-kind donations will be recognized at each event as program collaborators working together to advance our community.


To create the most benefit, HOPE calls on community members to donate their gifts.


Ask us about volunteer opportunitities.


Also find out more about individual giving. Become a Friend of HOPE by monthly donation subscription of $5-$100 and recieve special benefits of membership.


Corporate sponsors make all the difference, and will be recognized as leaders in the community that are committed to supporting educational programs beyond Common Core. 


Entries to Free vacations.  Tickets to all public performances and events, news letters and more are benefits of membership.



Students from local area schools, most underserved and many with special needs, attend Arts-in-Education, and other social and cultural experiences through outreach programs designed to make learning fun.


The students in attendance will view performances and interact with the artist and professionals. Also participating in hands-on workshops with trained instructors for more individual attention and sense of being an important part of the community.


Schools participating will be equiped with classroom modules that will integrate what they learned during the program as an educational model in the classroom to further develop students learning experience.