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If knowledge is power, education and wisdom is our HOPE. 


  Many leaders at our First Annual Leadership Summit chose HOPE.  We encourage you to register for the Leadership Summit 2018 to support the mission of

Harnessing Opportunity and Power of Education.


Installation of H.O.P.E. Ambassadors

Celebration and recognition of Trustees, Sponsors,

and New Board of Directors & Members 


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Inspiration, networking and possibilities with passionate leaders and citizens committeed to continuing Arts in Education and other significant, inspirational, educational and  cultural outreach programs.

We believe the CORE of education is inspiration and motivation to learn and stay in school.  All the schools committed to it are proving it is true.  You can help.

First Leadership Summit held July 2015


On July 9, 2015 Founder Lila F. Davidson opened her home with the assistance of foundation directors and friends of H.O.P.E. to facilitate the first annual Leadership Summit on Pensacola Beach following a Blue Angels Airshow.


The goal of this "Extention of HOPE" of uniting local business leaders, distinguished military personnel and national decision makers to discuss ways to work together to improve our communities, was a memoriable experience worth repeating.


The event also featured a special, surprise solo performance by Kentucky Ballet Theatre Executive Director/company dancer Brie Lowry.

Topics Led by Don Wehrenberg


Integration of Military, Community Service, Business & Philanthropic Cultures


Wounded Worrier Support


National Flight Academy Brief


Recognition of leaders connecting basic needs

with education


Youth leadership programs, mentoring,tutoring and curriculum augmentation


H.O.P.E. Sponsorship of KY Ballet Theatre's Florida tour, "An Extension of H.O.P.E." & their educational outreach programming

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