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Our Local Partners

HOPE would like to thank the local businesses and professionals that workedwith us to bring the Kentucky Balle Theatre to Pensacola. You enabled us to serve so many students and schools, as well as the entire Pensacola community.  Thank you sincerely!

As a new theatre venue in town, we want to be hosting groups that align with our mission. This project is exactly that. And, it will be our biggest collaborative event to date. I hope to be at every event!

- Josh Stewart

Pastor of Harvest Church/ 

Manager of the Rex Theatre

For Technical Theatre Assistance


We are happy to do what we can to help with worthwhile endeavors like this, because this is something that enriches lives of others and doesn't get enough credit.

- Candi Fryerson

Manager Concert Systems USA

Military Appreciation Performance


This program offers a cultural event for our community's involvement and is something I hope to attend.

- Patrick Nichols

Chief Affairs Official

Naval Aviation Station, Pensacola

Join the HOPE team as we stand alongside these leaders who recognize the impact this programming will have in creating a greater Pensacola today, and tomorrow. 


Grow Pensacola's culture & community involvement

by working with us today!


Please contact

to start a conversation about shaping your community

through H.O.P.E. programs.

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